Is this the path you would love to be on?
Have you lost your way, lost your soul,
or given up your life to others? 
Are you lonely, sad, resentful,
exhausted & angry?
Reclaiming Your Lost Soul

If you answered YES, you can transform your life NOW! Reclaim your soul and live as God intended for you to live. All you need is a little determination, helpful information and healthy support. 


Are you ready for change and:

Reclaiming Your Lost Soul! 


This faith-based program offers you an in-depth understanding of "losing one's soul” (codependency) by identifying what it looks like, explains how it develops, and provides important healing strategies for the life you want. Through this process you will get connected with others who are striving to reclaim their souls and who can offer safe support and encouragement. 





Do You Want To . . . 


  • Gain hope & support from others

  • Feel more connected with God

  • Have the life you desire

  • Transform your negative thoughts, unhealthy behaviors, & unmanaged feelings 

  • Take better care of yourself

  • Say No when you need to for your own health

  • Be proud of who you are

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Here's What One Soul Seeker Has To Say . . .

  Peg’s understanding of the Lost Soul is evident in her workbook. One feels she is personally accompanying the reader on the healing journey. Her wisdom, experience and examples are practical and applicable to anyone seeking freedom. 

Reclaiming Your Lost Soul is a great resource, providing a reliable road to recovery and healing!

Therapists Love Using

the Workbook for Their Counseling Sessions. 

Here's What One

Therapist Has to Say . . .

In Reclaiming Your Lost Soul, Peg Roberts shares her personal

experience with codependency and captures the essence of what it’s

like to lose yourself in codependent relationships. She gives a compassionate and hopeful look

into the heart of people who give

too much. The book offers practical steps with easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines for recovery.

As a therapist, I use the workbook in sessions. I have found Peg's 

workbook to be invaluable for

clients who are working at their own pace to find themselves and build healthy relationships. 


Mary Einarson, LMFT, LPCC

Spectrum Counseling, LLC


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