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Reclaiming Your Lost Soul

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Your Lost Soul 




This workbook is perfect for individuals who desire emotional growth and are

ready to get 

"unstuck." It's meant to be worked on slowly as you digest the information. Each chapter has prayer and questions for deeper thought 

and reflection. 


Use it as a curriculum in a group setting.

You could start your own group with friends and heal together. 


Also, it's perfect to take with you to

your therapist's

office and go over

the teachings  together. 

If you order three or more workbooks,

you receive a 15% discount. 

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Your Lost Soul 




This beautiful journal is ideal for keeping thoughts and reflections as you

work on the

workbook. You may have some memories or emotions come

up and this gives you

a chance to write

those down.

Journaling helps release feelings. 

The 5.5 x 8.5 inch journal has a

beautiful purple

soft cover as well as

a page marker and pocket. 


Your Lost Soul Daily Reminder Cards



These Postive Daily Reminder Cards 

are delivered in a colorful

organza bag. 


The cards are

4 inches square

and come with

their own stand.


The positive reminders will lift your spirits and give you a positive focus for the day.

Reclaiming Your Lost Soul

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